One of a kind friction folder knife forged from damascus stainless steel with a cow-horn handle, based on the ageless Higonokami design. For me the ultimate higo, and my personal choice for every day carry. From daily use, to camping, hiking and fishing; this weatherproof knife tackles all sort of situations.


A core of the hardest powder metallurgical steel SG-2* makes the blade wear-resistant and tough. The 64-layered suminagashi plating, made of nickel and rustproof stainless steel, gives it a spectacular appearance. This steel impresses with its outstanding durability, sharpness retention and resistance to corrosion.


*(C 1.3%, Cr 15%, Mo 3%, V 2%)


Handle made from smooth, durable and lightweight cow-horn* with a 3mm brass lanyard hole. Warm to touch, ever shiny and weatherproof, a pleasure to hold! 


*Color of horn may vary from white, to light grey and white tones.


It is the ideal companion for long travels as the blade and handle materials are virtually maintenance free!


Handle: 8.5cm long (3 1/2")

Blade: 7.6 cm long (3") - Cutting edge 5-6 cm (2 1/4" )

Spine of the blade tapers in thickness towards the tip.


A little samurai sword in the pocket - the ideal companion for wilderness and urban adventures!


Please only buy if you have sharpening skills and stones, or plan to acquire them. Not for heavy duty applications. If properly cared for they should outlast the owner. 


Made to order. 


Legal carry in most countries. 

Cow-Horn Stainless Higonokami

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