An ageless tool used by the first nations of north america, the crooked knife, or môhkotâkan in Cree, combines the functionality of the drawknife and the gouge, and has its origins as far back as the Stone Age. It is an utterly flexible tool, with which natives used to fashion everything from canoe paddles to snowshoes. The straight section works like a drawknife for whittling wood, making splints for baskets and incising, while the curved section can be used to hollow out bowls, masks and ladles, as well as myriad other usages.


USE*: The crooked knife is drawn toward the body, with the thumb ergonomically placed along the flattened bottom of the handle, the hand clenched with the palm up. Drawing the blade toward the user the knife allows great range of movement and precision.


*You can also watch Ray Mears fashion a canoe paddle with this tool in his Northern Wilderness series. 


This particular design attempts to reiterate the ancient proportions, but also to innovate and  push the limits of performance with more modern materials. The cutting edge is made from either swedish steel (59HRC) or japanese blue/aogami paper steel (60-62HRC), which is then laminated to soft layers of damascus and separated by a nickel spacer (for the looks and to avoid decarbonisation). 


Both core steels can hold a scarily sharp edge and are ideal finishers of greenwood, as they leave a natural sheen that requires no further sanding. I recommend swedish steel for rougher and blue paper for finer use. 


Blade is delivered sharp and with proper geometry, only some further honing recommended. You have to fashion your own handle, and its a beautiful process to make this tool yours. The blade has to 4mm holes for either riveting or screwing the blade to the handle. I will gladly assist with any type of questions. 


Engraved with the viking rune ᛟ | "heritage". 




Blade's total length is 10 cm | 4" and has a 9cm | 3 1/2" edge.


For a perfect balance in strength and weight, the blade tapers:


In width from about 13-15 to 8mm | 1/2" to 1/3", 

In thickness from 3mm to 2mm | 3/32" to 1/16"


Weight: 20 gr | 0.7 oz


Made to order.

Crooked Knife Mocotaugan

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