For those who are fascinated by the otherworldly beauty of laminated metals and wood burls, here something to behold: my flagship outdoor knife. 


The blade was crafted from two different kinds of pattern welded steel (double damascus). This san-mai construction has a body of salvaged elevator cable with some encrusted nickel; and a wavy core of high performance damascus. 


The handle was crafted from a beautiful burl from Australia, whose beautiful grain and pointy growth dictated the design. It was further enhanced with a spacer from stag horn and a fitting of cast silver/copper with a hammered finish. The blade is tightly held in place by the mosaic pin and can be removed if necessary. 


A sheath was made from the same burl, with an engraved leather top and belt loop. 


The knife was designed with a very steep primary bevel, so for sharpening you can start a secondary bevel. This way you will keep intact and not scratch the damascus pattern.


This one knife is all you need in the large and wild outdoors, and is crafted in heirloom quality. 


Blade Size: 7 x 1.7 cm | 3" x 3/4"

Handle Length: 10 cm | 4"



Please only buy if you have sharpening skills and stones, or plan to acquire them. If properly cared for they should outlast the owner. 


Made to order.

Double Damascus Puuko

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