To put it simple, this is a carving knife forged like a razor. Made from the finest materials for those well versed in the use of knives who want to reach the limits of performance.


The cutting edge (Blue Paper Steel #1 / Ao-ichi-ko) is laminated to a nickel spacer which prevents carbon migration and several soft layers of damascus, which give it spine and whose softness reduce the overall brittleness.


It is a combination that brings forth the best of nordic and japanese knife design; the profile of a nordic carving knife, but with a japanese mounting and lamination:


damascus - nickel - aogami #1 - nickel - damascus 


The blade is pressure fit into the handle and held in place by a mosaic pin. With a quickly made jig, it can be tapped out. 


Scandi style handle made of masur birch, with a cast and dovetailed shibuichi (silver/copper) bolster, with a hammered finish. A bit of bone glue keeps the bolster from sliding sideways, but for the rest no glue/epoxy is used and strength comes purely from strong mechanical joints.


Considered by many to be the best carbon steel for knife making, Aogami Super is famed for its sublime fine edge, silky smooth cut, ease of sharpening and edge retention; together with a soft damascus backing it forms a partnership hard to surpass. 


Oil Quenched: about 64 HRC. Delivered Razor-sharp


NEW! This knife can also be ordered with a cutting edge of White Paper Steel /Shirogami #1 (finer grain) or Uddeholm Swedish Steel (softer). 




Blade: 6.2cm | 2 1/2" cutting edge. Spine tapers from 2 (5/64") to 1mm (3/64") . 


Please only buy if you have sharpening skills and stones, or plan to acquire them.


Made to order.

Pro Carving Knife

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