A large Bushcraft Knife inspired on the design of the traditional knife of the Yakuts (an ethnic group from the Sakha Republic (or Yakutia), region of Siberia). The unique feature of this knife is that the blade is asymmetrical; one side of the blade has a hammered groove in it and a flat chisel grind, while the other side has no groove and is basically a convex edge (meaning it rounds down to the edge, rather than having a straight bevel). It has been used for centuries for working with greenwood, hides, skins, fish and meat. 


This particular design utilises swedish high carbon steel for the cutting edge and a damascus backing of soft iron for strenght. The hard edge is rather highly tempered, to provide more toughness to a knife whose shape and profile is so slender and razor-like; resulting in an utterly sharp edge, which is also forgiving and easy to sharpen. 


The fitting is cast and hammered from shibuichi (3/4 copper to 1/4 silver), and the handle is made from a very lightweight spalted maple, with spacers of birch bark and horn (or nut). 


The blade has a very tight fit and is kept in place by a bamboo pin and bone glue. If necessary, the glue can be softened, the pin removed and the blade retrieved. 


Comes with a naturally stained veg. tanned leather sheath. 


This one knife is all you need in the large and wild outdoors, and is crafted in heirloom quality. 


Blade Size: 8,5 x 2 cm

Handle Length: 13 cm


This knife is individually crafted upon receipt of an order, thus sizes & grain (of wood & steel) may vary lightly, yet the overall proportions, materials and craftsmanship remain unchanged. Slight adaptations and special wishes can be discussed.


Please only buy if you have sharpening skills and stones, or plan to acquire them. If properly cared for they should outlast the owner.

Yakut Damascus Knife

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