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Introducing Beornidas

Handmade Tools & Heirlooms

"Honoring an archetypal love of beautiful things, made by hand and by cunning"



The past is a treasure box of unexplored and lost tools and techniques. When engines are not roaring, our dull senses can become receptive to these low-tech possibilities. A craftsman not only dwells in the past, but looks ahead to find the right balance between the reiteration of tradition and invention. The aim is always to satisfy an archetypal love of beautiful things, made by hand and by cunning. But not to be forgotten is that “what” is made is as important as “how” it is made. Guiding the tools with our own bodies puts us in a healthy relationship to production: expanding our potentialities, while embracing limitations. 

From tree to furniture

The world of sharp

Home in the outdoors

An eye for detail
An eye for detail

Hands close to the material
Hands close to the material


An eye for detail
An eye for detail

About Me

Craftsman: Fine Woodworker & Blacksmith

"Not satisfied with a literal reading of the world, but hoping to reveal and bring forward, like a metaphor, new and old meanings to the existing world. Learning from the flight of Icarus to avoid the faustian hubris of modern technology and trying to go back to a time when it was not technology alone that bore the name techné, a time in which the term included and honored both craftsmanship and the fine arts; that is, ‘poiesis’."


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