Bushcraft & Fishing

Home in the outdoors

A place we once called home, has become foreign and unknown. A few simple tools and techniques can get us back to that world of wilderness and unmediated perception.

Minimalist gear

Footwear, Fire, Storage, Tackle...

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Natural Materials

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Birch Bark

This waterproof and rot-proof material, a mix of leather and cardboard, was highly valued by our ancestors. Abundant in the northern regions, it was used to fashion containers, clad roofs and canoes, and to make high quality tar and tinder.


Spalted Wood

A piece of wood can
become a blank paper
for fungi artists to play
with lines and colours.
The wood is a bit lighter
than before, but decay
- like a well aged wine -
was controlled,
and the wood is strong.



From time out of time the outer skin of different animals have been tanned and used for cloths, footwear, belts and sheaths and a myriad of other uses. From the thin fish leather, to the supple deerskin and the tough cowhide; there is leather for all purposes.


Learning from the Past

"If we once, and for so long, lived in balance with nature and each other, we should be able to do so again" Zerzan

Work or Play?


I'm watching a bird fly. Its wildness makes me wonder. I can't get into its mind, so I try to imagine what living for such a winged creature could be.
Every time its wings beat and cut the air, I get more confused. While it flies and looks for food and pray, while it seeks refuge, rejoices under the sun and lets the boreas fill its wings with dreams, is he working or playing? I don't know.
Maybe it is just living, but what does that mean and imply? Being the author and player of its own game? Could be. I walk away and in the stables I
find answers I was looking for in the sad eyes of a domesticated horse. 


Its a dangerous business...

"You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Tolkien