Custom Woodworking

From tree to furniture

Wood is pound for pound stronger than steel, warm to the touch and much more resilient; most importantly, nature grows it for us!

Shaping it by hand is a long process, but one in which the intimacy with the material allows the design to follow closely the grain and reveal the possibilities hidden in the tree. 


Long breaths of inspiration I have taken from the long tradition and ways of japanese carpenters; whose array of delicately sharp tools allow for complex joinery and bring forth the natural beauty of wood

Wooden Creations

Walnut Cabinet

The hand-sawn and bookmatched planks of solid walnut offer a gentle interplay of chaos and symmetry.

Walnut Cabinet
Salon Table

Saloon Table

Solid mortises and simple design, allows the grain of the wood to do most of the talking.

Expandable Table

Handcrafted from belgian oak, which expands like a book and turns on a pivot to to double its size.

Expandable Table

Garden Bench

Sturdy joints and pins make this a piece for the ages.

hanging birch 6 web.jpg

Hanging Cabinet

Upcycled wine box with elaborate joints and rare veneers.


Pushing the limits of lightweight with an alchemy of modern and traditional materials.

canoe 3.jpeg