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The world of sharp

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Tools made from scratch

Many shapes, the same idea: to balance beauty with performance.


Raw materials

Reclaimed Elevator Cable

This thin strands of wire, after a life of service are an ideal material for pattern welded blades.

Wrought Iron

A material no longer made, it is the softest form of iron; an ideal companion to tame the ultra-hard japanese steels. The impurities aid in the sharpening process.

Paper Steels & Tamahagane

A long sword making tradition has provided japan with a rich knowledge of metallurgy. Their steels are very low in impurities and high in carbon, making very hard blades with a fine molecular structure.


Symbiosis of metals

The quest for the perfect edge.

Sharpness is a function of the hardness of a metal, but without toughness the edge is as fragile as glass. Avoiding compromises requires careful design, and the right metal laminated at the right spot.

Soft Body, Hard Edge

Refined crafts, deserve refined tools.

A soft iron body receives a high carbon steel cutting edge, to improve edge retention and facilitate sharpening.

The many realms of sharp

Swords for the Pocket

Foldable Knives

Swords for the Beard

Straight Razors

Swords for everything else

Woodworking Tools


The Blacksmith's Workspace

A reiteration of the past, with an innovative twist


Every Hammer Blow...

...brakes the crystalline structure of steel and refines the grain of the steel, making it capable of holding the finest of edges. Mass produced tools, formed quickly at higher temperatures in dies, are not so privileged.

Custom Knives

The most simple and fundamental of tools has a thousand uses and can take as many shapes. I enjoy working side by side with my professional and private customers to craft a hunting, bushcraft, carving or leather knife tailored to their needs.


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